Commercial HVAC

Comprehensive HVAC Care for Your Business

Optimal Climate Control for Comfort and Productivity

Achieving year-round comfort in your commercial space requires a robust HVAC system. Our commercial HVAC solutions are designed to regulate temperature, humidity, and air quality, ensuring a productive and comfortable environment.

At Rob’s Air Conditioning & Heating, we’re your trusted partners for commercial HVAC repair, installation, and maintenance. Equipped with cutting-edge technologies, we tailor HVAC systems for energy efficiency, precise temperature control, and superior air quality management.

hvac installation

Whether for existing structures or new constructions, Rob’s equips your business for the future. Elevate comfort with advanced temperature controls, optimized energy usage, and pristine air quality.

hvac repair

From malfunctions to air quality concerns, our experts diagnose and repair commercial HVAC issues efficiently. We go beyond repair by offering valuable insights to maintain efficiency and longevity.

hvac maintenance

Regular maintenance is the key to avoiding costly disruptions, lowering operational costs, and minimizing health risks in your commercial space. Uphold warranties and ensure safety with Rob’s.

HVAC Ventilation Services

Effective ventilation is vital for a healthy and comfortable workspace. From humidity control to air purification, Rob’s addresses all your commercial ventilation needs.

Bringing Energy Efficiency to Your Busines

Rob’s Air Conditioning & Heating provides top-tier commercial HVAC services across the New Orleans metropolitan area. Explore our coverage map below.

Why Trust Rob’s for Your Commercial HVAC Needs

A well-functioning commercial HVAC system is pivotal. We ensure your investment thrives by designing tailored solutions that stand up to local conditions for years. For over three decades, we’ve championed comfort in the New Orleans business community through specialized heating, ventilation, and air conditioning solutions. Our values underscore our commitment to quality service.


Efficient HVAC systems help you avoid operational interruptions. When issues arise, Rob’s Air Conditioning & Heating offers prompt, effective service, ensuring long-term results.


Every commercial HVAC system from Rob’s comes with comprehensive warranty coverage. It’s a testament to our dedication to each business’s peace of mind – and bottom line.


As a two-generation, locally owned company, we care for our local business community. We treat every commercial space with the care we’d show our own.